Blood Vessels - Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack

Determing the Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack


Angiography is used to detect arterial stenoses (narrowing of the arteries), thus allowing the physician to reliably diagnose the patient's condition so that timely measures can be taken to prevent a stroke or heart attack.

Assess your risk for stroke or heart attack

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Joints - Joint Pain Diagnosis

Reliable Joint Pain Diagnoses


We investigate joint pain using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which provides detailed information regarding ligament injuries, bone fractures, rheumatic diseases, and so on.

Our joints enable us to be optimally mobile. But some types of joint pain or injury need to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

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Cardiac MRI

Herz_MRT-tEarly Detection of Heart Attack

Using our high-tech Siemens CT machine, we can obtain precise images of the heart and the arteries that supply it in only eight seconds - and without using a catheter.

Examination of the arteries that carry blood to the heart (coronary arteries) is an essential tool for ruling out the risk of heart attack.

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Head MRI


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers a reliable means of diagnosing or ruling out pathological changes in the brain.

While many people suffer from headaches, the underlying conditions that cause their headaches may be very different. These conditions may range from circulatory disorders in the brain to work-related physical and psychological stress.


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Lungs - Lung Cancer


Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Heavy smoking, familial predisposition, and environmental factors can induce pathological changes in lung tissue. A pulmonary checkup is essential for patients with suspected lung cancer.

Pulmonary CT is an extremely reliable diagnostic tool that is indispensable for the early detection of lung cancer and can detect even minute changes in lung tissue.

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Spine Only differentiated imaging allows for accurate diagnosis and the administration of suitable therapy for back pain

We use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to diagnose the cause of back pain and spinal disease.

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CT Spinal Therapy

Back pain

We provide specialised therapies for patients who suffer from spinal disorders. CT-guided therapy involves the treatment of spinal pathologies by injecting medication directly into the painful area under CT control (CT machine); this procedure often saves the patient an operation.

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