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Reliable Joint Pain Diagnoses

We investigate joint pain using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which provides detailed information regarding ligament injuries, bone fractures, rheumatic diseases, and so on.

Our joints enable us to be optimally mobile. But some types of joint pain or injury need to be diagnosed as soon as possible. This is generally done with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which provides a broad spectrum of data regarding ligament injuries, bone fractures, damaged cartilage, rheumatic diseases, and so on.

An accurate and reliable diagnosis allows for the prompt initiation of the appropriate joint pain therapy.

In cases where bone scans are necessary, computed tomography (CT) may also be indicated. This scanning method is excellent for the visualisation of fractures and all other bone structures.

Whereas X-rays are taken from only one direction, CT scans allow for the realisation of 3D images that show the joint from all sides, thus allowing for an assessment that takes account of all relevant factors. Thus CT is the preferable procedure in all cases.

When is joint MRI indicated?

A diagnostic joint examination using our high-tech MRI machine may be indicated in the following instances:
  • To assess ligament injuries
  • To investigate a possible torn knee meniscus resulting from a fall or from sports such as skiing
  • To investigate fractures
  • To assess minute cartilage damage
  • To detect joint splinters
  • To assess rheumatic diseases
  • To diagnose rheumatic arthritis. Bone changes (erosions) can be detected at an earlier stage and soft tissue pathologies such as joint inflammation (synovitis) and tendon inflammation (tenosynovitis) can be visualised in real time.
  • To detect joint tumours and inflammation
  • For primary diagnosis of bone tumours

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