Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostatabiopsie_-_rektale_Stanzbiopsie_copyThe diagnosis is prostate cancer. Should I wait and see or undergo treatment?

Many men face the difficult decision of whether to promptly undergo treatment for prostate cancer or simply wait and see whether the disease progresses at all.

The decision is especially difficult because patients are naturally afraid of missing the right moment to intervene.

The fact is, however, that many prostate tumors do not need to be treated because the patient is far more likely to die at some time during the next several years for some other reason. In any case, it is clearly essential to examine the available information and make an informed decision about whether or not to forego prostate cancer treatment.

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PSA Level


Is your PSA level elevated? It is essential to first confirm the presence of conspicuous tissue changes in the prostate before performing a biopsy.

When does a PSA score give cause for concern?

PSA levels of under 2 ng/ml are generally regarded as normal and PSA levels between 2 and 4 ng/ml are generally regarded as borderline, and therefore in need of regular monitoring. In some cases, however, patients with PSA levels of under 2 ng/ml may also be advised to undergo regular testing.

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Prostate Enlargement

prostate_enlarged_engAge-related Prostate Enlargement or Prostate Cancer?

It is generally advisable for men with prostate enlargement and elevated PSA levels to have their prostate glands examined by a doctor. The combined occurrence of prostate enlargement and elevated PSA levels in men above the age of 50 may be related prostate cancer.

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Prostate Cancer


Fear of Prostate Cancer

Elevated PSA levels are often a sign of prostate cancer.

Many men with prostate cancer experience no symptoms whatsoever, especially during the early stage of the disease. This is why PSA testing and early detection are so important. Early detection can greatly increases the chances of successful treatment.

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Prostate_inflamedDetermining the Cause of an Elevated PSA Level: Is it prostatitis, prostate cancer or something else?

Men who are told by their doctors that the level of PSA in their blood is elevated will naturally hope that the cause is no more than a minor case of prostatitis, or perhaps a case of benign prostate enlargement. The last thing they want to find out is that the cause is prostate cancer. How can one be sure? What are the signs of prostatitis?

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Prostate News

There are no news at the moment.

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