Early Detection & Prevention


Comprehensive Medical Checkups

Precise and comprehensive examinations of what is happening inside the body can tell us a lot about a person’s health. This is why these examinations form the basis of our early detection & prevention approach to medical care. We focus in particular on the following two areas:

  • Heart attack and stroke prevention
  • Early detection of cancer and other pathological changes

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Breast MRI


Breast MRI for the Early Detection & Prevention of Breast Cancer

Breast MRI offers the highest degree of reliability when it comes to detecting breast cancer. In contrast to conventional mammography, breast MRI involves no exposure to x-rays and is entirely painless. The breasts are not pressed uncomfortably tight during the procedure, but are placed in breast coils with the patients lying on their stomachs.

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Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention


Am I at risk?

Ignoring the risks can increase the likelihood of advanced cardiovascular disease and life-threatening events.

People tend to concern themselves with the subject of early detection & prevention when a family member or a friend is suddenly struck by a life-threatening illness. All of us are subject to certain risk factors that become more significant as we age. Special medical examinations can be carried out to determine the degree to which we are at risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. These examinations give us an opportunity to respond appropriately at a sufficiently early stage.

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Total Body Scan

Ganzkoerper-sHigh-tech diagnostic examinations using the total body scan technique

Total body scanning is an ultra-advanced cancer prevention method. This comprehensive health assessment technique enables us to offer early tumour detection examinations in conjunction with tumour screening

Total body scanning also includes the head, thus allowing for the early detection of any pathological changes in the brain, as well as the neck, chest cavity, and abdominal organs such as the liver and kidneys.

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Early Detection & Prevention for Men


Early Detection of Prostate Cancer and Other Diseases

Many men are especially reluctant to seek urological care because they don’t feel comfortable having to remove their clothes and submit to an extensive physical examination. Thanks to the MRI-based diagnostic procedures used at our clinic, our patients are neither required to remove their clothes nor submit to palpation. Instead, they simply lie in the cylinder-shaped tube of the MRI machine while the machine generates images that contain all of the crucial information that needs to be gathered about the prostate gland and its neighboring organs.

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Risk Factors for Heart Attack and Stroke

The Importance of Early Detection for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease, which often leads to heart attacks and strokes, remains the leading cause of death in the industrialized countries of the world. Indeed, nearly half of all deaths in these countries are attributable to cardiovascular disease. Among the various types of cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis is particularly lethal because it threatens the normal functioning of the following organs as it progresses:

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Colon Cancer Screening

AbdominalColorectal cancer early detection

In virtual colonoscopy, the examination for colorectal cancer is performed without an endoscope, so that is not conducted during the investigation, a tube into the intestine. Polyps, the precursors of colorectal cancer are using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) detected early.

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Screening News

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