CT Spinal Therapy

Back pain

We provide specialised therapies for patients who suffer from spinal disorders. CT-guided therapy involves the treatment of spinal pathologies by injecting medication directly into the painful area under CT control (CT machine); this procedure often saves the patient an operation.

For patients with severe back pain, CT-guided therapy can be administered immediately following an MRI scan, a procedure that oftentimes allows for palliation of the patient's pain right after a diagnosis has been reached.

The therapy is realised under CT control so as to ensure that the preparation is administered exactly where the pain is. This is also advantageous in that a very precisely defined amount of medication can be injected, which increases the chances of therapeutic success.

This therapy may also have a long-term effect, thus allowing the patient to resume his normal daily activities. Moreover, in some cases a herniated disc can be completely cured in such a way that the pain resolves and the herniation heals permanently.

CT-guided spinal therapy is virtually pain-free, except for a slight prick when the medication is injected. The therapy is administered six to eight times over a period of several weeks and takes only about 15 minutes.

Our physicians will be happy to help you determine whether CT therapy is indicated for your back pain.

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